The best learning experiences today incorporate a combination of digital content, interactive technology and collaborative learning environments. New classrooms, computer labs and digital media facilities will bring all of these together to enhance student learning at Tech far into the future.

Cunningham Advanced ClassroomThe Advanced Learning Lab will feature a production facility where digital and video course content for each of Tech’s areas of study can be produced by faculty, staff and students from each of our Colleges, working together. Our traditional students, adult students, distance and online learners alike will see the benefits in their classes.

The Instructional Media Classroom will facilitate multiple modes of teaching and learning, while providing the ability to share course content with students in remote locations. Students across Indiana and the world can “tune in” to coursework delivered here, while also accessing classes and instructional media from locations around the globe.

Cunningham Creative ClassroomClassrooms That Work for any type of learning experience will be found in the new Cunningham Center. Today’s most innovative classrooms allow students and faculty to configure the room however it works best for the project at hand. Cunningham will feature an ideal combination of collaborative class space, classrooms that allow for more traditional lectures and guest speakers, and smaller spaces that facilitate the personal attention Tech is rightly known for. All spaces will feature state-of-the-art technology for access to the instructional media and tools to fit classwork of every description.

The renovation of Cunningham will not only improve classroom space, it will add to it – the building will now feature 14 class spaces – 5 large, 4 medium, and 2 small classrooms.

Computing power is always at a premium at Indiana Tech, and two new 24-hour Computer Labs in Cunningham will be put to good use by students across the university. The labs will feature hardware and software that will support students in every Tech degree program, and be available for use day and night.

Fostering Entrepreneurial Thinking

Proposed Cunningham Enterprise CenterThe Enterprise Center. For today’s college graduates, an entrepreneurial mindset, and skill set, is more important than ever. Indiana Tech has found this to be just as true for our engineering students as for our business students, our education students as for our criminal justice students, and everyone in between. The Enterprise Center will be a place where business principles, finance and entrepreneurship are the focus.

It will feature an advanced computer lab, collaborative learning space, and access to financial services and securities trading data to provide our students with the experience and knowledge required to understand and succeed in today’s careers.

Building a New Home for Business

The College of Business at Indiana Tech has called Cunningham Center home since its founding, and has long played an important role in providing the educational foundation for career success to students of all ages and backgrounds. Alumni from the College of Business as well College of Engineering, School of Computer Sciences, and College of General Studies have earned success in fields of every description, across the U.S. and around the world. Many graduates have started businesses of their own, while others manage and lead organizations that include small businesses, large corporations, educational institutions, and community and government organizations. Successful alums come from every level of our degree programs – undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Tech have all helped students launch and advance careers.

The Cunningham Reinvention will provide the College of Business the right platform for business education that will prepare undergraduates, adult students learning online and in-classroom, MBA and Ph.D. students for leadership roles within the careers of today and tomorrow. College of EngineeringSchool of Computer Sciences and College of General Studies students will also benefit through exposure to business and entrepreneurial coursework and programming, helping better prepare them for their careers after Indiana Tech.

Forging Global Leaders

Updated Cunningham space will also be the home of the Ph.D. in Global Leadership Center, the headquarters of Indiana Tech’s Ph.D. program. In the span of just five years, the Ph.D. program has grown to truly global reach and reputation, enrolling scholars from around the world and helping further the knowledge and careers of leaders in business, non-profit, educational and a host of other fields. Its home in Cunningham will feature conference, office and meeting space for the Ph.D. team, and its students who attend immersion learning events on campus.

Connecting Outside the Classroom

All around our campus, Indiana Tech has seen the rise in importance of spaces where students can work, read, collaborate on projects and simply connect with one another outside of the classroom. The main Study Center will be such a place in Cunningham, providing the right combination of technology, study spaces and welcoming atmosphere for all students.

Cunningham Proposed LoungeIn addition, the Student Lounge and Meeting Spaces on the second floor will provide open-concept areas with seating and workspace for study, meetings with fellow students, and faculty-student interaction.

Finally, four unique Study Rooms will also be added to the updated Cunningham Center, and will be among the most unique and memorable spaces in the building.

These rooms will offer quiet space for students for small meetings and studying, as well as three walls of natural light and views of campus.

Going the Distance

Indiana Tech’s Distance Learning Center will be the new home of Indiana Tech’s distance education team. The distance learning group works with faculty from each College at Tech to develop and deliver online classes that combine innovation and flexibility for students with the academic rigor found in our in-classroom courses. The Distance Learning Center will help serve students on Tech’s main campus, at our satellite locations, online and beyond.

Going hand-in-hand with distance education is the work of the Warrior Information Network, which will also be headquartered in the new Cunningham space. The WIN, as it is known, is the one-stop assistance center for all students in our College of Professional Studies. It will feature the home of call center and online service representatives, from whom students receive help with registration, financial aid, course materials, and more – all with a simple phone call or a few clicks online.

Engaging Campus and Community

As seen with Indiana Tech’s Academic Center, in spaces such as the Talwar Leadership Center, Multi-Flex Theater, conference and study areas, there is great demand on campus for spaces where the campus community can meet and collaborate, and also welcome the community at large. The Cunningham Reinvention will create additional spaces for this to occur on our campus.

Proposed Cunningham Conference CenterWelcoming all visitors, students, faculty, staff and community members, the new Main Entry and Lobby for the building will also provide study and meeting space in an open floor plan. The Main Entry will also be home to recognition walls honoring individual, foundation and corporate partners who support the Cunningham Reinvention. This space is located on the ground floor of the addition to the building on its east side.

The largest meeting space in the new Cunningham will be the Conference Center, located above the main entrance and lobby area. For use by student organizations, faculty, staff, community groups and business partners, this conference space will feature state of the art technology supporting wide-ranging meeting and presentation needs, and dramatic top-floor views of campus via three walls of windows.

On the main floor will be the Central Conference Room, also serving student organizations, faculty, staff and community members. Located near Ph.D. Headquarters and the College of Business Dean’s Suite, and the main entrance to the building.